Pakistan is one of those countries that are unaware of their own worth and how beautiful they are. Pakistanis would rather pay huge sums of money to travel abroad to places that are famous for their beauty around the globe, but they would not prefer to take a peek into their own country’s natural beauty. Pakistan’s tourism industry used to be a highly successful booming industry which collapsed due to the security conditions of the country. However, the security situation has improved a lot over the time, and there are a few traveling places in Pakistan that you have to visit.

1. Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is located in Kashmir that is not occupied by India. While there are several other beautiful valleys in Kashmir, the Neelum Valley is definitely the most beautiful one. This is one of those traveling places in Pakistan that you have to visit at least one time in your life because it gives a very strong heaven-on-earth vibe when you see it. If something looks as gorgeous as it does in pictures, you can only imagine how utterly flawless it would look in real life.

This Valley has mountains that are covered with greenery which look absolutely beautiful, especially in winters when they are completely covered in snow. The streams of water alongside the roads and snow sliding down from the mountains into the River Neelum demands you to see it for yourself and experience the scenic beauty.

2.Shangrila Resort

Listed amongst the most well-known traveling places in Pakistan located in Gilgit, this valley, Skardu, is considered as the perfect definition of paradise on earth and Shangrila Resort is located near Skardu. There are just no words to explain just how flawless Shangrila Resort actually is; the reflections of rugged landscapes, high altitude mountains and houses of village folk just further intensify the beauty of this place.

A favorite tourist place in this valley is a rest house because the architecture of the restaurant within that rest house is designed as an aircraft. People and families from all over Pakistan come to visit Skardu to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy life and to enjoy nature of Pakistan by visiting this village.

3. Gojal Valley

The location of Gojal Valley is ideal as it touches the Chinese and Afghan borders. It meets China’s border through Khunjerab which is so high up from the sea level that it is always covered with snow, no matter which month of the year it is. The area through which Gojal meets the Afghan border is Wakhan, and this is very close to Tajikistan. Another reason for Gojal Valley being one of the must-visit traveling places in Pakistan is because the famous Karakoram Highway makes its way through this Valley.

The landscape of Gojal Valley will leave you awestruck at the beauty of nature and how nature never fails to amaze regarding any aspect. This place has a very rugged landscape with the Rocky Mountains, and patches of greenery and a river in between the mountains just bring the entire view together perfectly. Not only will you be able to enjoy a natural get away but you will also be able to admire the design and architecture of Karakoram Highway.

4. Rama Meadow

Looking at pictures of Rama Meadow, the first thing that would come to your mind would be as if you are looking at pictures of Ireland. This is a gorgeous traveling place in Pakistan. When you visit this meadow, a part of Nanga Parbat will be easily visible to you and Chongra Mountain whose peak is covered in snow almost all around the year. The view is so picture perfect that you would never want to leave this place.

This place looks like it is a scene from a movie, with streams of water, animals grazing and lots of pine trees covering the area. There are rough paths between the plains of greenery for tourists to walk on while experiencing the best moments of their life.

5. Paye

Paye is basically a plateau that is covered with greenery and situated on the top of Hindu Kush. Just being in this place will relax your nerves, and calm you down because it is so peaceful. You will enjoy every single moment that you spend here as the scenery of this place extends to a variety of different natural landmarks that Pakistan proudly owns.

Paye has a number of ponds here and there that have freshwater. There are horses grazing the area, and there are horse riders roaming around on their horses’ backs. In the spring/summer time, this place is full of gorgeous wildflowers that enhance the scenic beauty of this place even more. Not only that, but Paye has Makra Peak in the background that is covered with greenery which just adds to nature’s outstanding traits.

6. Swat’s White Palace

Everyone agrees to the fact the most famous tourist attraction of Pakistan in and of itself is Swat Valley. However, Mingora City is definitely amongst the top 5 traveling places in Pakistan because this city has the tourist-favorite White Palace. This perfectly designed Palace with a flawless architecture was built in the year 1941 using the same stone that was used to build the Taj Mahal. Even though this palace was built decades ago, it is just as flawless as when it was first built.

It is impossible to do justice to this place through pictures or by describing in words. The impeccable architecture and design of this Palace are enhanced in every season, but there is something different about it in winters. The striking White Palace against snow-covered trees and a snow-blanketed ground just gives a whole new definition to the word “beautiful.”

Amongst the 6 beautiful traveling places in Pakistan, there is not a single place which we can point out that you can skip on. All of these areas of Pakistan are a must visit if you are someone who loves nature and history.